Welcome to Appletree Cottage Cattery, your cat’s dream destination in North Yorkshire! We are Ian and Lynne Smith, a couple of cat lovers who run this cosy and peaceful cattery just outside the charming village of Cayton, Scarborough. Whether you live in Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, Hunmanby, Bridlington, Pickering or Malton, we are here to serve you and your feline friends.

At Appletree Cottage Cattery, we are a “cats only” resort. That means no dogs or other animals to disturb your cat’s tranquillity and comfort. Your cat will enjoy a spacious and comfortable pen with an indoor and outdoor section, connected by a cat-flap. Each pen has its own heating system to keep your cat warm and cozy. Your cat will also have access to a large covered outdoor run where they can exercise and explore in a safe and secure area.

We have designed our interior to make your cat feel at home. We provide bedding and toys for your cat’s entertainment and relaxation. We also offer most major branded food products such as Felix, Whiskas and Sheba. If your cat has a special diet or preference, please let us know when you book and we will accommodate it. We can also administer veterinary prescribed medication for compliant cats at no extra cost.

We have 24 double pens and a family pen for up to 4 cats from the same household. We are licensed by Scarborough Borough Council Number AWL 0029 Owners name Ian & Lynne Smith. We love cats and we treat them like our own. Book your cat’s stay with us today and give them the holiday they deserve!